Patrick S. Tomlinson and Niki Robinson currently owe Quasi:


Starting Judgement Sum: $34,762.25

Amount Paid: $41,849.87

Total Financial Burden: Calculating...

Patrick continues to deny the existence of the debt just as he did with the first domestication, which caused it to more than double. Hopefully, whoever's purse he raided to save himself from jail is made aware of Patrick's continued provocation and intention to multiply the debt even further before once again passing it to someone else like all his other responsibilities in life.

Patrick admitted on tape that he will refuse to pay, acknowledging that his refusal is legally actionable.

Follow Quasi's collection proceedings here. A spouse is equally liable for judgement debt according to Wisconsin law even if she played no part in the decision-making process of her retarded husband. Patrick S. Tomlinson is fat Santa Clara Judgement

The amounts above do not include Patrick's attorney fees, the vast majority of which were footed by family members/friends/charities which, according to Patrick himself, are likely to exceed $100,000. The total financial cost to all parties of Patrick's narcissistic crusade to ruin people who mock him on the internet likely approaches $200,000 of other people's hard-earned money.

Click here to see Fatrick's hilariously retarded legal complaint that started all this (He wanted $50,000+ from each of these people).

Who is Patrick S. Tomlinson?

Patrick S. Tomlinson @stealthygeek is an obese Milwaukee insurance agent who works for United Health Care. He is best known for being a proponent of rape and beating women, and “graduating” high school with a 1.7 GPA. He was cucked at a 2011 toy convention by a man with a large penis. His first wife, Adrienne, left him for this man, who goes by the nickname "Pringles Can Jon". Patrick S. Tomlinson is friends with Paul Weimer, who took upskirt pictures of a little girl that wasn’t related to him, and numerous other pedophiles who have committed heinous acts against children. In 2011, he was arrested and convicted of plotting to murder 3 people, including his own daughter.

Why does Patrick S. Tomlinson owe the above amount of money to Quasi?

Patrick S. Tomlinson spent $100,000 of other people's money trying to sue the owner (Quasi) of an internet forum (onaforums) that mocks and makes fun of him. Because such behavior is protected free speech, Patrick's lawsuit was struck down. He stupidly sent out multiple identical subpoenas requesting the same exact information on the same person, Quasi101. This meant that after the subpoenas were quashed, he was handed multiple separate judgements for each one:

Patrick must also pay any and all fees associated with collecting said judgements.

But Patrick is a broke loser. How did he come up with $100,000+ for a frivolous lawsuit?

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), a 501(c)(3) "charity", gave Patrick S. Tomlinson over $100,000+ of donated funds and membership dues without their donors' knowledge or consent to waste on this lawsuit after the Onaforums pointed out that their sick organization is rife with disgusting pedophiles and tranny perverts. The SFWA has spent thousands of dollars of their "charitable funds" on lawyers to avoid depositions that would reveal to their members that they are the ones who funded Patrick's lawsuit.

Where can I learn more about the SFWA?

Tubby keeps telling me there isn't a lien on his house. Where can I find the lien on his house?

Right here.

What are some things that would cause a fat retard like Patrick to go after a forum that makes fun of him?

The following are statements that trigger Patrick greatly when you bring them up, and he wants people to stop talking about them:

Where can I find the most up-to-date, accurate information about Patrick S. Tomlinson - including proof that he cheated at the 2016 Brewer's mini marathon?

You can read his Kiwi Farms thread right here: