Patrick S. Tomlinson and Niki Robinson currently owe Quasi:


Follow Quasi's collection proceedings here. Fatrick and his barren wife have filed a "Voluntary Amortization of Debts" despite claiming that no such debt exists.

Patrick admitted on tape that he will refuse to pay this knowing that his refusal is legally actionable.

A spouse is equally liable for judgement debt according to Wisconsin law even if she played no part in the decision-making process of her retarded husband. Patrick S. Tomlinson is fat Santa Clara Judgement

Why does Patrick S. Tomlinson owe the above amount of money to Quasi?

Patrick S. Tomlinson spent $100,000 of other people's money trying to sue the owner (Quasi) of an internet forum (onaforums) that mocks and makes fun of him. Because such behavior is protected free speech, Patrick's retarded lawsuit was struck down at every turn. Tubby stupidly sent out 2 identical subpoenas requesting the same exact information on the same person, Quasi101. This meant that after the subpoenas were quashed, he was handed 2 separate judgements for attorney's fees:

But Patrick is a broke loser. How did he come up with $100,000+ for a frivolous lawsuit?

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) gave Patrick S. Tomlinson over $100,000+ of donated funds and membership dues without their donors' knowledge or consent to waste on this lawsuit after the Onaforums pointed out that their sick organization is rife with disgusting pedophiles and tranny perverts. The SFWA has spent thousands of dollars of their "charitable funds" on lawyers to avoid depositions that would reveal to their members that they are the ones who funded Patrick's lawsuit.

Where can I find more information about the alleged sick fuckery in the SFWA?
This onaforums thread

Tubby keeps telling me there isn't a lien on his house. Where can I find the lien on his house?

Right here.

Is it true that Patrick S. Tomlinson was caught grinding black babies into pepperoni?

Don't take my word for it. He admits it on tape right here.

What are some things that would cause a fat retard like Patrick to go after a forum that makes fun of him?

The following are statements that trigger Patrick greatly when you bring them up, and he wants people to stop talking about them:

Where can I find the most up-to-date, accurate information about Patrick S. Tomlinson - including proof that he cheated at the 2016 Brewer's mini marathon?

You can read his Kiwi Farms thread right here:

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